Teacher Contact Details


Please find below the school email addresses for Class and Support teachers. The teachers will respond to Emails and Seesaw messages during school hours. Please be patient as they may have a number to get through, but we will get back to all of your messages.

You can also email the main school email account info@stbrigidsthecoombe.ie and Michelle Stedman will get back to you.

n.hanna@stbrigidsthecoombe.ie  Niamh Hanna (Deputy Principal and Support Teacher for 3rd class and Ms. Devlin's Senior Infants)

g.tuohy@stbrigidsthecoombe.ie Geraldine Tuohy (Home School Community Liaison. Mobile Number: 089-2535012


n.fallon@stbrigidsthecoombe.ie Niamh Fallon (Junior Infants)

g.cowman@stbrigidsthecoombe.ie  Grace Cowman (Junior Infants)

e.white@stbrigidsthecoombe.ie Eimear White (Junior Infants)


a.devlin@stbrigidsthecoombe.ie Aoife Devlin (Senior Infants)

f.holian@stbrigidsthecoombe.ie  Fiona Holian (Senior Infants)


o.murphy@stbrigidsthecoombe.ie Olive Murphy (1st Class)

e.baynes@stbrigidsthecoombe.ie Emma Baynes (1st Class)


r.lucey@stbrigidsthecoombe.ie Róisín Lucey (2nd Class)

a.crowe@stbrigidsthecoombe.ie  Alan Crowe (3rd Class)

m.laffan@stbrigidsthecoombe.ie Mairéad Laffan (4th Class)


j.langan@stbrigidsthecoombe.ie Jennifer Langan (5th Class)

s.simcox@stbrigidsthecoombe.ie  Sarah Simcox (6th Class)


r.gogarty@stbrigidsthecoombe.ie Róisín (Early Start)


v.burke@stbrigidsthecoombe.ie  Venessa Burke (Support Teacher for Ms. Cowman's Junior Infants and 6th Class)

m.green@stbrigidsthecoombe.ie Maeve Green (Support Teacher for Ms. Cowman's Junior Infants and 6th Class)

d.cronin@stbrigidsthecoombe.ie Deirdre Cronin (Support Teacher for Ms. White's Junior Infants and 5th Class)

o.healy@stbrigidsthecoombe.ie Odile Healy (Support Teacher for both Senior Infant Classes)

f.mcnamara@stbrigidsthecoombe.ie Fionuala Mc Namara (Support Teacher for Ms. Holian's Senior Infants and 4th Class)

s.calendar@stbrigidsthecoombe.ie Sophie Calendar (Support Teacher for Ms. Murphy's 1st Class and Ms. Fallon's Junior Infants)

r.glendon@stbrigidsthecoombe.ie Rachel Glendon (Support Teacher for Ms. Bayne's 1st Class and 2nd Class).



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