St. Brigid's Virtual Sports Day Is Here! - 17th June 2020

Click into 'What's Happening in our School' on the menu bar to gain access to our much anticipated Virtual Sports Day! All your teachers have had such fun making these videos for you. We hope you will enjoy them just as much! Remember to send your teacher a photo of you participating to receive your certificate! 



We couldn't let one of the most highly anticipated events of the year go by without marking it somehow! While we all must stay distanced in our homes, we here at St. Brigid's are certain that we can come together virtually to enjoy the fun that is, Sports Day! 

On the 17th of June your teachers will be getting their sports gear on to join you and your family, from the comfort of your living room, as we get active together! On the school website your teachers will guide you through a day of active fun, getting our heart rates pumping with some fun warm ups, setting exciting active sports challenges, teaching dance and yoga moves, and helping you with your ball skills! All activities have been carefully thought out to cater for all spaces, big and small, indoor and outdoors so everyone can participate! These activities will only require basic equipment from around you home so rest assured that you only need to bring yourself and your energy! 

It's sure to be a virtual event not to be missed! So get your tracksuit on and get moving!!!

Check out our promo video to help build excitement for the virtual day to come!

The virtual sports day will be posted on the school website in the 'What's Happening in our School' section in the menu bar. If you have any questions please make sure to contact your class teacher for further details.