St. Brigid’s Primary School Homework Policy


  1. To establish links with the home.
  2. To help the children discipline his/herself to work outside school.
  3. To consolidate the work being done in school.
  4. To develop a habit of study.

Time spent at homework

  • Infants: 15 minutes
  • First/Second: 30 minutes
  • Third/Fourth: 45-60 minutes
  • Fifth/Sixth: 1 hour- 1.5 hours

If child continually fails to get homework done within the suggested time we suggest that the parents come to see the class teacher.

Type of work to be given

Children are always given work that has been prepared in class.


Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about experiences the child had during the day, including reference to the “Alive O” programme. When the child starts to read they are asked to listen to their child reading. They are asked to help their child with writing and number patterns.

First and Second Class:

Parents’ help is encouraged. Practising of skills-tables, sums, spellings, reading and drawing. Parents are asked to hear work and to remember to read notes for parents in the Religion book and to discuss it with their child. Children should be encouraged to tell a story to their parents.

Third and Fourth class:

Parents are reminded that as children grow older they should require less help as they are becoming more independent,but it is necessary that they show interest as this is a great motivating force. Practising of the skills mentioned in Second class needs to be developed. In addition, handwriting needs to be developed to help the children write with speed and accuracy. They will also have assignments in History and Geography.

Fifth and Sixth class:

At this stage children should be able to work more independently but parents again are encouraged to keep up their support. Children at this stage are encouraged to read library books at home.

Method of Correction:

Teacher corrects all the homework done by the children. Some homework will be corrected in school while more will be corrected at home by the teacher.

Homework Journal:

Children have a homework journal and their parents are asked to sign it.

Suitable conditions for homework:

Parents are asked to encourage their child to do his/her homework. We suggest that they turn off the television when homework is being done and that they have a table to lean on. However we appreciate the difficulties that some parents experience with inadequate housing.


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