Newsletter - May 2020

Newsletter – May 2020

A big HELLO to all our St. Brigid’s , The Coombe  school community , hoping that everyone is keeping well and safe during these difficult and strange times. Thank you all for bearing with us throughout. We look forward so much to getting the school back to the normal busy place it is again with all of our children back to active learning in a happy positive environment.

 The school will not reopen before 1st September 2020 but we will be with you all the way in the meantime. The children are doing very well at their schoolwork at home by all accounts. Well done to every child in the school and their very supportive parents.

Please sign up for Aladdin Connect through the activation codes sent to your phones/emails if you have not already done so to make it easier for us all to stay in touch over the next couple of months. Please excuse the few teething problems we have had to date with this system. Things should be in order now.

The staff have been working hard and are doing a terrific job in the circumstances to support your child’s learning at home.  Please stay in contact with your child’s teachers through email or Aladdin Connect to maximise the support we can give every child. If you have changed your number and are not receiving messages please inform us at or at

Some good news items to share with you:

  • School Status

As you have been informed St. Brigid’s will be changing to CoEd status in September 2021, meaning that from then on the boys will be in a position to remain in the school after 1st class. We are delighted to announce this change. It will be introduced on a phased basis.

  • Green Flag

We have just been awarded our 7th Green Flag in St. Brigid’s! We are very happy with this announcement and it is a testimony to the ongoing hard work and commitment to the environment by the children, staff and parents of the school over a number of years. A big shout out of thanks and congratulations in particular on this occasion for leading us to this great achievement for the school to Ms. Abigail Spencer,  Ms. Grace Cowman and all the children on the present Green School Committee !


  • Staff News

Huge Congratulations to Ms. Marian Daly on the birth of her baby son, Liam, to Mr. Alan Crowe on the birth of his baby son, Harry and to Ms. Abigail Spencer on the birth of her baby daughter, Eve all born in April/May 2020 !

  • Scholarship

Congratulations to a student in 6th class , Alexia Barabas who has secured an academic scholarship to complete her secondary education in Alexander College, Milltown, a wonderful achievement.


Keep safe and well and keep connected,


Deirdre Early, Principal


Niamh Hanna, Deputy Principal


 and all the staff of St.Brigid’s Primary school, The Coombe.