Maths Week 2021!

We have had great fun enjoying maths activities as part of Maths Week. 

On Monday the children were estimating the number of marbles in the jar! Congratulations to Jack in Ms. Fallon's class and Zara in Mr. Finan's class for estimating the closest numbers! 

On Tuesday we took our maths outdoors and enjoyed physical maths stations! The children had such fun doing shape races, bowling, hopscotch, bullseye, capacity fill and timed hulahoop challenges! 

On Wednesday the children used their 'Maths Eyes', examining ordinary and abstract pictures to see the maths within. Some of the children even took their own maths eye photographs from home and within the community! See them below!

On Thursday, it was Maths Trails! In pairs and small groups, the children enjoyed following their Maths trail around the school, investigating maths all around them!

On Friday, along with our Halloween dress up, the children enjoyed a maths 'Golden Time'. At. St Brigid's we value the importance of play for young and old. The children were encouraged to play freely with different with maths equipment and games throughout the day!

We are learning that Maths is fun, Maths is creative and Maths is everywhere! 

Well done to all the children and teachers for all the great Maths work being done, not only this week but throughout the year!




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